Nancy Grace: Silver bullion reserved for ‘lonely, rich, white guys’

  • Posted September 20, 2012

What does a ‘hit man hiring’ doctor have to do with silver? Apparently, to Nancy Grace, EVERYTHING. Never mind that so many previous ‘hit man cases’ involve cash as payment. Nancy Grace would rather take the time to bash silver buyers because of her ill-perceived correlation with them and ‘hit man hiring’ psychotics.

I know. Why waste time on an inconsequential ego driven talk show? A show that even AC/DC on CNN outdraws.  A show which yearns for the Casey Anthonys, just for a brief boost in viewership.

No, it’s not just because Nancy Grace is an idiot….. there are lots of idiots in the world. It is because her idiocy extends to deliberately mislead others…. even if the others that actually watch her show are few.

Below is the video referenced here, followed by some quotes. We then run a couple of scenarios to see just how ludicrous silver buyers really are versus the Nancy Grace-less.


Nancy says:

“…and he gets in his head that he is gonna buy bullion…Why?…Because he doesn’t have a wife and a bunch of children running around the house, he’s got time to order silver bullion! Alright, who else is going to do such a zany thing as a bfgf, bullion sitting in their house?….”

Some woman we’ve never heard of says:

”Nancy you just analyzed it correctly…It’s….”

Nancy proceeds talking over her, trying desperately to be funny:

“ A lonely, rich, white guy! That’s who orders silver bullion!”

So now that we established that buying silver is a ‘white thang,’ Nancy then does the ‘crazy point’ to her head. The woman we’ve never heard of keeps on:

“That’s right. You’re right. Someone who has no life, no responsibilities……”

Nancy, yet again:

“I still say lonely, rich, white guy. Without a family and kids running around to divert his attention. Without a girlfriend there to say get off the internet and stop watching cable TV. No. He’s watching cable TV. He probably sees that commercial about gold….buying gold for pete’s sake!…He’s got the money to do it. And now we find a hit man who has obviously been paid with silver bullion…”

So recap. Who has the time to order silver bullion? The psychos who hire hit men, that’s who.
Them, and/or ‘lonely , rich , white guys’…

If the condescending manner in which she says the words silver, gold, and bullion give you the urge to punch her in the mouth…. don’t waste your energy even thinking about it. Living well is the best revenge. Besides, when the system collapses, someone will probably take care of that anyway as they commandeer her then worthless millions.

But hey, what does Procinctu know? Nancy Grace still reaches more people than this site. So let’s be rational.

Who you gonna believe, Nancy Grace or your own eyes?

Let’s say that in November 2001, you were a lonely, rich, white guy. Being the psycho you are, you put $25,000 into silver bullion. Yes Nancy, silver bullion! You would have seen a 745% appreciation and be able to cash in that silver bullion for about $212,000 today. That’s about 10 questionable hit men or maybe 4 really good, thorough ones.

To be fair, let’s explore an alternative scenario. Let’s say that in November 2001, you were a faltering prosecutor with comments of misconduct from the Supreme Court of Georgia. Being the success you are, you put $25,000 into stock of Time Warner, the parent company of CNN and HLN, where you now work. Today, you would be able to cash in that stock for about $15,800. That’s enough for one hit man with a bad shot….and you’ll probably get caught.

There are the options. The first is from an ‘unproven’ web site (which you should frequent more). The other is from a ‘proven’ famous woman on TV whose failures (Georgia, Richard Ricci, Duke Lacrosse) propel her to higher gigs. And the system is fine?

Your eyes suck | Nancy grace: silver is for lonely, rich, white guys

Your eyes suck.


Hopefully more and more people can see the cracks in the system and opt out altogether. The super rich steal from you with bailouts, cronyism, and digital currency swaps; while the poor steal from you with food stamps, welfare, health scams, etc. Accountability is non-existent and the more certain classes fail, the more they are nefariously propped up. Yet, there is Nancy Grace perpetrating this immoral paradigm as she is one of its beneficiaries. And there you are, exiting the system with your silver bullion, being mocked for having foresight and being truly responsible.

But as always, the theme here is to think for yourself. Whether you like fiat paper currency or real tangible time tested money, only you can decide what’s right for you. Whether you find it worthwhile to hold bullion or feel it’s a better deal to hold stock in propagandist corporations, the ball is in your court. Whatever you decide, just don’t be a Dis-Grace.