Obama World War Three Fundraiser!!! | Friday Funny

  • Posted September 13, 2013

Obama World War Three Fundraiser!! OK, so maybe this week’s Friday Funny isn’t all THAT funny, in that paints a disturbingly REAL portrait of Obama supporters. But hey, living well is the best revenge. If we can find ways to laugh in the face of insane little people (and their supporters) who occupy big places, then let’s do it. This satire titled, “Help Kickstart World War Three!” highlights the sentiment of many Obama-drones (the human ones).

Here, the folks at TheSecondCityNetwork show a mock fundraising commercial to Help Kickstart World War Three. Why?……..Because Obama. Enjoy.

One other thought. These are actors, but they portray REAL people. Within several posts previous, I embedded a video from We Are Change, where Luke did a Q&A with Obama supporters. He posed questions about possible human rights violations Romney WOULD support. Then when everybody argued vehemently against them, Luke revealed that all of the violations were ALREADY committed by Obama. The response by the Obama supporters? They all made excuses for the violations!

It was then that a decision to strongly consider and act on life abroad became cemented for me. These kind of people have been seen throughout history. Without them, Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao, Stalin, Tojo, etc. would not be possible. These are the people who carry out the orders and don’t question their ‘leader.’ These are the people whom should make you consider relocation as well. Even if you only look to plant another flag somewhere as insurance.

For more on this, I recommend checking out Sovereignman.com, as they provide much info regarding international diversification.