Release Mark Taylor

  • Posted September 26, 2012

Forced Hospitalization. Forced Medication. Forced Detention. Sounds like a nightmare from which one would anxiously awake. Unfortunately, for Mark Taylor, this nightmare is a reality. So what is this all about? Why should you care? Find out why we need to raise awareness and Release Mark Taylor.

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Mark Taylor

Forwarded by Brandon Raub, the ex-marine who was illegally detained after facebook posts, this campaign is dubbed “Release Mark Taylor.” But who is Mark Taylor? He was a survivor of the Columbine Shooting in 1999. Still nothing? O.K., well, as Mark dug deeper into the events and circumstances surrounding the shooting, he became an activist. Getting caught in the black hole of information not suitable for the mainstream media, he became a threat. Stuff like the link between anti-depressants and school shootings (Zoloft, Luvox) and even a police rape connection!  Mark’s actions eventually led to victory in court and a ‘homicidal ideation’ labeling on such drugs.

For Mark, things started spiraling downward when he was detained while visiting a book store. The story is that someone called in a bomb threat and Mark was taken into custody  for ‘allegedly’ threatening to blow the store up. It was during this detainment that he began getting doses of medication. As you can see in video  below(posted 2010), the drugs had a devastating effect of him, leaving him in a zombie-like state.



If Mark’s transformation was done intentionally, to say, suppress his findings and outspokenness, then that is a crime that shalt go unpunished. Mark’s family seems to think that is precisely the case. The point of this post is to raise awareness on Mark’s situation. And also to highlight yet again, that Big Pharma and Big Government feature a revolving door of sycophants only concerned with power and money. Some medications may be necessary for some people, but you need to realize that these drugs are just made to mimic things already found in nature.

Battling depression? Try St. John’s Wort, fish oils, or avoiding caffeine. Maybe your body needs to produce more serotonin (magnesium, nuts, bananas). Still no better? Talk to someone and get a release. Maybe try yoga or martial arts. There are numerous ways to experiment, but it makes more money for Big Pharma to just take a pill…..So a pill you will take. Here! Pop a Prozac!

Shane Ellison of The People’s Chemist wrote a good piece on this subject titled, “ANTIDEPRESSANT ROMANCE FUELS PREMEDICATED MURDER.” He should know what he is talking about since Shane is a recovered Big Pharma-holic. He worked for Array BioPharma and Eli Lilly before ditching the Big Pharma life to become an internationally known consumer health advocate. He is also listed in our Top 12 Resources for 2012, so go learn something.

Now back to Mark Taylor. The next step is getting him released. So below you can learn more about his story which was posted on the Release Mark Taylor facebook page:

It began that dreadful day when students were shot and killed at Columbine in 1999. Mark, (a sophomore at the time) was one of the students shot and survived. Not only did he survive, he thrived and wrote a book about his ordeal and relationship with God.

He went on speaking tours regarding his book, and shared his concern about the dangerous psychiatric drugs that these shooters were ordered to take (long story but that will come as well) and he fought the FDA and won by requesting them to place black labels on these bottles regarding the serious side effects while taking them. These were suicidal tendencies and psychotic/aberrant behavior.

He also started to uncover A LOT of information that was ‘swept under the rug” regarding the shootings (more to come on that as well). It was this “poking around” and exposure that got him arrested while visiting a book store in 2008. He was told by the police that someone called in and told them Mark was going to blow up the book store.

He told them that this was not the case and they arrested him anyway.

This ILLEGAL arrest started the process of his illegal detainment and forced use of the very drugs that he fought against. He has been in and out of Psychiatric Wards for 4 years and now residing in an Adult Group home because he cannot function in society.

I have a list of the drugs that this young man is on and the amounts per day. Our admins will study these drugs and find out what they do, the side effects and the LEGAL amount one should be given and report it back out to you.

We will also, list updates on what you can do to allow your voice to be heard.

As you will hopefully understand, this is not just some guy in Colorado. This is your child in school, your child who you don’t want to vaccinate. This is your kid being moody, but in no mood for mind altering drugs. This is YOU on your facebook page. This is YOU in line getting groceries. Yesterday it was Brandon Raub. (before him and still)Today it’s Mark Taylor and others we don’t even know about. Tomorrow it’s YOU. The power lies with YOU….now. Forward the Release Mark Taylor page to your friends.