Unfulfilling Job? | Ready For The Weekend? | Thursday Thought

  • Posted September 19, 2013

This week’s Thursday Thought comes while making a deposit at a bank branch. My teller, Rebecca, asked me “Are you ready for the weekend?” My response came in the form of a raised eyebrow and the unconvincing word, “yeah.” It probably sounded as if I began questioning myself in the middle of the one syllable word, which I was. The reason is because, to me, that question sounds a lot like “Are you in an unfulfilling job?” But I WAS ready for the weekend, just like I was ready for Wednesday, so the “yeah” came out. This Thursday Thought pertains to the conventional view towards work and anybody currently in an unfulfilling job.

Ready for the Weekend?

After my response, Rebecca was slightly, but visibly taken aback. I guess most other people give the opposite ‘TGIF!!’ response. But I just explained that the weekdays and the weekends all run together. In fact, personally, the only thing that distinguishes a certain day from any other, is that I try not to work during the Sabbath. Other than that, all things remain the same.

I could just as easily be out and about on a Monday night as on a Friday night. And I could make a trip to the beach on a Thursday just as well as a Saturday. I try to attend Mass daily, so Sunday isn’t even all that special as a ‘church day.’ Then conversely, I could just as easily pour concrete at 1am as well as 1pm. And I could be sleeping at 3am, just the same as 3pm. Examples go on, but the point is that my work schedule allows for this. Structure and discipline are employed in many areas of my life, but my work schedule has not been one of them thus far.

So does that spontaneous lifestyle leave some money on the table that I could be earning? Yeah, probably. Does it add stress not knowing exactly from where the next job is coming? Maybe. But then having the freedom to go wherever, whenever is worth more to me than $$. And having the ability to burn hours on my obsessive, money-pit of a website also has it’s worth.

I don’t mean to sound like someone who is on a constant high. I have ups and downs too. But I can honestly say that I’m not just ready for the weekend, but I’m ready for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday with the same amount of pumped-upness. (look for that word in the next Webster Dictionary update)

Unfulfilling Job?

cubicle prison cell | Unfulfilling Job? | Ready For The Weekend? | Thursday ThoughtReaders of this site are by now familiar with the contrarian nature of it, but yet again, I challenge modern views towards work. I’m not writing this to knock the 9-5 ‘secure’ job, but my thought is about how it’s just NOT for everybody. Is the set weekend, ‘job security,’ pension, benefits, salary, etc. enough to live on, if you aren’t being fulfilled? To some people, yes. But to others, no.

I have a friend in a good position in a company listed in the Dow Jones 30. She could totally do the rat race and climb the corporate ladder to great heights…and do quite well, I’m sure. The problem is, she has another calling to be doing something else more enriching. I’m guessing most, if not all of her coworkers will call her crazy and immature for leaving such stability. But if it’s an unfulfilling job for HER, then who are THEY to say? Again, not knocking the rat racer, as some people ARE fulfilled there.

However, not everyone can do the cubicle indefinitely. One can even be content being temporarily broke, if it means they get to TRY to do what they are on this Earth to do. The 9-5 cubicle, or it’s equivalent unfulfilling job, will always be around waiting for you one way or another. But the best opportunity to try to accomplish your passion may not always be there. For example, marriage and children, as great as they may be, are also responsibilities that may make the journey more difficult…..though certainly not impossible.

office space | Unfulfilling Job? | Ready For The Weekend? | Thursday ThoughtSo this Thursday Thought is aimed at the people who have that little nagging ‘something’s not right’ feeling. For the ones that lose sleep over ideas and visions. For the ones that go to their unfulfilling job with a grated stomach wishing they were someone and someplace else.

For some, the road to fulfillment is the most scary and uncertain of all. You might try your hand and fail. You might get ridiculed by family and friends. You might lose all your money. But you’ll certainly learn. Then, just maybe, you’ll end up finding your niche and true calling in life.


There are many resources that can aid in freeing you from an unfulfilling job. Here are a few books off the top of my head:

Remember, challenging the modern conventional idea of a job will not be easy. For an extreme example, it is highly unlikely that someone will give you a million bucks…or even ten bucks…. to throw paint on your first canvas. You might even experience years and years of ‘failures.’ If that is the case, just make sure you take knowledge away from each of those lessons….I mean, ‘failures.’  All and all, mentally prepare yourself for the knocks and trials, and it IS possible to shed your unfulfilling job, and find your true niche.

So there you have it. Don’t worry about vain things such as what people think of you. For sure, take advice from everyone who loves you. And don’t skirt your responsibilities to act on a whim. But also, contemplate just why it is you are here. If you have that other calling, don’t just ignore it. Really consider moving on from the unfulfilling job, even if society thinks you are crazy. In some way, we all are. So the first question to ask yourself, “Are you ready for the weekend?”

With God’s Will