Why You Should NOT Give Up Anything for Lent 2014

  • Posted March 5, 2014

Lent 2014 is here. It’s a period of fasting and reflection during the most spiritual time for Christians. A period to meditate on the origin of the foundation of the Church. When Jesus Christ took on the burden from mankind, and returned to it, a covenant of eternal life.

With this 40 days of fasting, you’ll most definitely hear people talking about giving up certain things during Lent 2014. No chocolate….no Facebook….no Shark Tank. (well, maybe scratch that last one)

Maybe those things are a worthy ‘sacrifice’ for God. But instead, how about giving God an offering by DOING something. What if we focused on bettering ourselves and realizing our potential to glorify God? Would it not please God to see us, whom are created in His image, use the gifts with which we are bestowed?

It may be considered ‘new age spirituality’ to some, but even Saint Augustine spoke of turning toward our inner self for truth. For the power of God is within each of us. Maybe I’m not interpreting it correctly, but if I have the power of God within me, then I am actually offending God by subduing this power and not unleashing it.

Memorable Lent 2014

If you give up chocolate every year, that’s O.K., but it becomes mundane after awhile, doesn’t it? And who did you really affect around you? Whose life was made better by you giving up chocolate? However, by DOING something, we can add a uniqueness to each Lent, memorialize it, and do our part to change the world.

Here is an example: (but hopefully a future true statement)
In Lent 2014, I learned Spanish. With that knowledge of the Spanish language, I was able to volunteer at an orphanage in a Spanish speaking country.

For the rest of life, even when the language comes easy, you would be able to look back to Lent 2014. The focus and work you offered up to the glory of God will be easily remembered.

lent list | lent 2014

Lenten list on my door.

Personally, for this Lent 2014, I will be

  • completing the Pimsleur Spanish Course Level 1
  • staying on a strict workout schedule
  • covering the entire Foundations to Stocks and Options Course from TradeSmartU
  • updating this website weekly

Each day during Lent 2014, I will allot time in order to see each objective through. And I will do my best to use each objective to serve God. Though the hardest of these will be to sleep by 10:30….


Ask Yourself the Question

This idea of doing otherwise secular tasks for the Greater Glory of God was reiterated by Father Byrne at St. Peter’s on Capitol Hill recently. Click play for a few minutes of his homily. (about 8 minutes)

The jist is that whether we are at work or talking to a neighbor, that we should do everything for the Greater Glory of God.

This thought also circles back to one of the previous Thursday Thought’s….Sin and Salvation. At all times we should be asking ourselves, “Is this bringing me closer, or separating me further from God?” Constantly asking ourselves that question will force us to either justify what we do, or turn away from it, and back to the Almighty.

Also in Father Byrne’s homily was the mention of living for today and not in worry. Again, we can reference a Thursday Thought …..Finding Balance | Ignorance vs Worry. Being prepared and taking action is not the same as being worried.

I struggle with this at times as I have decided that I will live abroad in the future. Anybody who has read the content on this site knows the reasons behind this decision. However, personal conditions don’t currently favor such a change. I could let the angst effect me…. Will I get out in time? Will my preparation be enough? …But what purpose would that worry serve? So I just take each day as it comes until that opportunity to act presents itself. Weeks, months, years….I don’t know, and it’s no use worrying about.


Make Lent 2014 Your Best Yet

ashes | lent 2014

ashes selfie.

This all ties in to a great correlation between this Lent 2014 and our lives as a whole. In both, we should absolutely prepare for what comes. Yet, in both, we know what awaits at the end. The road to get there may be uncertain, but if we know where the ultimate end lies, then worry is just an obstacle which can prevent us from getting there.

So I urge you all to take on DOING something for Lent 2014. Make it something difficult. Make it something you aren’t even sure you can do…..then do it. And do it for the Glory of God. Please comment below on what you’ll be DOING this Lent 2014.

Finally, remember that you are dust, and unto dust you shall return. So if you have to give up anything during Lent 2014, give up worrying about all the clutter in the meantime.

With God’s Will