Vinny | Vinny1010Hello! First, I would like to say it is a pleasure and honor to contribute to Procinctu & to it’s viewers. My name is Vinny, and like many of you, I have and currently still do accumulate physical gold & silver bullion. I purchased my first bullion in 2008, when silver was at little over $10/oz, and Gold around the $700 region, after having realized the major issues that threaten our entire economic system and currency, not just on a national-level, but globally! Like many of you, I am convinced that the current economic Ponzi-scheme can no longer proceed forward at the rate its going, and that it is only a matter of time before we see more major problems arise due to the comprised policies proffered by the majority of governments around the world.

With that being said however, I do not feel it is all negative and “doom and gloom”. As a personal belief, I do opine that life itself is abundance, that we are intelligent-beings who have the ability to radiate such abundance given the conscious choice, inner-space and right action.

So why am I here? I am here to share and give you all a unique perspective in regards to financial markets, in particular, the precious metals markets from a technical-perspective. I am a technical financial trader who has been trading since 2009. When I placed my first trades, I had no financial education in regards to trading. Nevertheless, I decided to trade two mining stocks (both were chosen based on intuition) and made over 320% gain on one and over 180% on the other within a year and a half. A year after that, I turned a 5 figure account into a 7 figure account using Options on the premise that the market is manipulated so buy during dips and that no matter what, precious metals are deemed to go up and up and up so why worry? I used highly leveraged financial instruments such as “Call Options” & “Put Options” on a well-known silver streaming company before losing nearly all of it at the age of 26 during the gold & silver crash of May 2011. Rather than take the responsibility and get the right financial education, I blamed it on the bankers and “manipulation”. This period of my life literally shook me, because I was not expecting such a thing! I told myself that such a crash will never happen any time soon and that it’s all banker manipulation. Shortly thereafter, I was right back trading Options again and this time I was making money quicker than ever before turning a low 5 figure account (the amount I had left over after the May 2011 crash) into a 6 figure account within 6 weeks! And then “Operation Twist” was introduced in September 2011 by the FOMC and this time, I lost 100% of it and was back to square one! Couple of times after that, I blew up my account again and vowed I would never trade again, because the odds are against me and that the markets are manipulated.

After experiencing such setbacks (or what I perceived to be setbacks), I took some time off, sheltered myself and tried to figure out what just happened, why it happened, and how to create wealth again. After some time, I made an intense personal declaration that I will do whatever it takes to create that wealth again, and I was introduced to an intense transformative process which created a huge shift inside me and around me! This process was so intense that the past was just that…the past, a mere story, nothing else. It had no control over me nor my inner-space anymore. I no longer had the victim-based pattern, the powerlessness pattern and other patterns associated with that portion of my past which would limit any financial abundance from entering into my life. Something intense and profound happened that for some reason created an intense passion to get back into the stock market but this time, I just knew what to do; It was incredible! I got the proper education, in particular, risk management and began to think and trade like a real professional. When I started to embrace what happened to me and not resist it, I started being more and more happy. Later, I was introduced to many powerful trading strategies that I had no idea even existed, I got the right tools that are necessary to become a successful trader with probability on my side and much much more!

Having tweaked my perspective on markets, trading, and the global economy, in addition, to receiving the correct education, on February 2013, I knew the gold and silver markets were going to crash and that they were going to crash hard! Not only was my intuition giving me strong indications of this (if you notice, I tend to listen to my intuition a lot), but my technical analysis confirmed it as well. I then started to let certain facebook groups know about what I was noticing and that if the metals fell below a certain price point, then we would see sharp selling! Unfortunately, it was not well-received.

After the crash when gold hit $1334 & silver $21.96 and after I made over 450% gain on that one trade, I knew I had to create a YouTube channel. This was to let precious metals holders know that they should not panic, that there is no need to sell physical bullion now, and to assist them in figuring out the short-term moves of gold and silver, so they are aware of what’s going on, rather than them constantly listening to Fundamental Analysts go on and on as to why gold and silver are the right investments for them; I wanted to offer them something new, something unique rather than the lame excuse of banker manipulation, future currency devaluation, lack of gold and silver supply, and numerous theories for what the future holds – I was tired of those analysts using manipulation as an excuse and giving holders false hope! Many had good intentions while others I felt were just irresponsible.

Again, I am here to share what I know, my thoughts in a very objective manner and to side with high probability regarding the price action of gold and silver rather than give false-hope. I am not here to exploit anybody but to share. Unfortunately, I may refrain from giving specific financial advice (due to many factors), and I am certainly not here to “predict” anything. Professional traders neither predict nor get attached to their positions. They are never 100% correct, and I am certainly not. I do not have a crystal ball, but what I do have are tools that put me on the side of high probability and when one trades based on high probability and assuming risk management is taken care of, traders tend to make small losses and large profits, regardless where the stock/securities moves (up, down or sideways). When I do my analysis, I can have one perspective one day but can totally change (as well as my trading strategy) the next day merely based on one days of trading (i.e Unexpected trading momentum or news). Please take note of this when viewing my videos. Because I am not able to bring you daily video updates, my analysis may change from my previous video (that may be 2-3 weeks out), however, I will try my best to give you many possible case scenarios of what to expect as well as written updates so you all are in the loop. Again, trading is not about predicting or getting rich quick; it’s about using statistics, price action, momentum, past emotional behavior and other things in an objective-disciplined way so you side with high probability, which will in turn keep you profitable.

It is my hope that I can share what I know with you all and to help anyway I can. Trading is not for everyone, but I feel it is still good to know in case you change your mind a few years down the road, especially if you want to take more control of your financial portion of your life. The gains stated above was not meant as a way to brag but to let you know that you too can make those gains provided you get the right education. Though I am not able to mentor anybody, I can certainly give you some recommendations to consider in getting your education should you decide to learn.

If I can be of any help or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. (Vinny’s Youtube) I thank Travis, The Procinctu Team, and you all for allowing me to share my knowledge and perspective with you.