Your Best Christmas Song?

Jesus in a Manger Luke 2:7There are many Christmas songs out there. But which is your Best Christmas Song?

christmas-starFrom religious to secular, Christmas songs mean many different things to many different people. Some give nostalgia of family and friends, yet other’s may stir up not-so-good memories.

Some are remakes of stuff you hear in church, some are original classics, and other’s are original abominations.

From the spiritual, to the classics, to the modern, poppy, cringe-bingers…what is your Best Christmas Song?

Best Christmas Song

sister marie keyrouz | best christmas songPlaying now is our Best Christmas Song. It is a Byzantine Melkite hymn, in arabic. “Hirmos du Canon de l’Office de la Nativité de saint Romanos le Mélode” is performed by Sister Marie Keyrouz and Ensemble De La Paix. It is from the album Sacred Songs from East and West.

While there are many formidable nostalgic Christmas songs, this one is on a different level spiritually. My soul agrees with this song for reasons that can’t really be explained. How about you? Comment below on your Best Christmas Song.

Soon, we will add to this and have a ‘Best Christmas Song’ list. Maybe yours will be on it….

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